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Böttcher is the world’s number one roller supplier. Our rollers are to be found as original equipment on more new sheetfed, Newspaper & heat set press installations than any other brand.

For a good reason: Böttcher has developed specialised inking and dampening roller compounds for all types of modern inks. For UV inks and for dual purpose printing Böttcher offers specifically formulated rubber compounds, which are OEM standard on most new printing presses due to their excellent all-round performance and long service life. Within the range of dampening roller compounds, Böttcher offers both solutions for standard printing with alcohol and for alcohol-reduced and alcohol-free printing. Beyond that, special dampening rollers for UV applications are also part of the Böttcher portfolio.

A team of specialists constantly works on new developments and creates roller materials which keep pace with the latest developments in the ink and coatings market. For example, a new Böttcher UV compound offers improved stability due to its particularly resistant composition with regard to modern UV inks. Similarly, we also developed a roller compound specifi¬cally for use with vegetable inks. To sum it up, we offer to the user a more stable printing process and longer roller life.


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